Pre Departure Services

Visa related issues, interview preparation, finding out venue, counseling, selecting of universities etc. Many students and parents have many apprehensions in their mind before flying abroad. In a new country among new people, life certainly cannot be a cakewalk activity. We at WMC understand this very well and thus hold a pre-departure session to provide 360 degree guide to our clients.

It is often seen that every student goes through a mixed feeling of leaving the comfort of home before boarding the flight. One feeling is of happiness as he/she is getting chance to study abroad in best universities and another feeling is of leaving the comfort zone and facing the challenges alone.

Also, we provide them with the checklist of pre-departure guidelines depending upon the country, city or campus selected by the student.

We also have 24 x 7 accessible contact number to our students so that they can approach our concerned representatives at any point of time for any clarification or taking information required while travelling.